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Serving clients with excellence, integrity, diplomacy, and over 17 years of experience designing and implementing diversity, inclusion, recruiting, and professional development initiatives

​To Listen to an interview of Ms. Cranford on the topics of leadership, culture, and implicit bias, please click here. 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies
  • Training, including:
    • Inclusive Leadership
    • Foundational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training
    • Implicit Bias Training
    • Associate Training, Orientation, and Integration
    • Fair and Effective Feedback
  • Recruiting and Professional Development Strategies
  • Performance Management

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​​Jacqueline Cranford established Cranford Advisory Services LLC in 2013 to provide innovative and effective guidance to leaders in the legal industry who are committed to hiring and managing talent effectively, providing rewarding professional experiences, getting the best out of those in whom they have invested, and improving their businesses. Ms. Cranford believes that talent management, professional development, diversity, and inclusion are inter-related – when leaders effectively manage and develop their talent, they promote diversity and inclusion, job satisfaction, and enhanced business performance. Ms. Cranford believes that in order to serve her clients effectively, she must listen to them and learn about their environments, their specific areas of concern, and their strengths. Only then can she fully utilize her years of experience analyzing, strategizing, advocating, building consensus, and implementing talent management strategies in support of her clients.

Ms. Cranford's interest in professional development, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and beyond is long standing. Clients benefit from her broad and deep experience in the legal profession, including working in a boutique communications law firm, litigating at a large law firm, honing her skills as a Department of Justice trial attorney, and leading talent management initiatives in three American Lawyer 100 firms. Ms. Cranford's years of experience in different contexts gives her unique perspective and a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion in various legal environments.

Jacqueline Wilson Cranford, former litigator and dynamic professional development, diversity, and inclusion professional, is the Founder and Principal of Cranford Advisory Services LLC. With more than 30 years of legal
industry experience and a demonstrated record of designing and implementing talent management strategies, Ms. Cranford serves as a trusted adviser and advocate for effective talent management, primarily in the legal industry.

Prior to establishing Cranford Advisory Services LLC, Ms. Cranford successfully led talent management initiatives in three American Lawyer 100 law firms for more than 14 years. Among other things, she developed and implemented global talent management strategies relating to diversity, inclusion, recruiting, outreach, training, career planning, performance management, leadership, business development, and global integration. She also served as an adviser to firm leaders, partners, associates, staff, and administrators; a career coach; and an external spokesperson for her former firms. 

Ms. Cranford graduated from Oral Roberts University, cum laude, and earned her law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. Following law school, she joined K&L Gates LLP as a litigator and remained there for five years before becoming a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice. Upon leaving the Department of Justice, she returned to K&L Gates, where she launched her talent management career.

Jacqueline Wilson Cranford, Esq. 

Founder and Principal